Monday, October 26, 2009

Words from thy soul

I blew a kiss to the moon
As a safe keep, for giving it to you
when you need it the most
On a cold and lonely night

Dream away your hearts desire
I wont come in your way
Cause I know its just a dream
It will perish with the awakening of the day
but I am here, A reality-The one who will stay

Eyes are not near enough to read
Heart is too deep inside to feel
A voice is all I can hear
That's more than enough for me to Heal

I was to give token of love
For the times we shared
And for the times to come
I spent days wondering what to give
Wondering if you'd like it for sure
Then I thought to myself
Love is the token, a gift by itself
So here I give, my love to you
With my open heart and my open soul

First came holding, with hugs to test
Then came kissing, with caresses at its best
Next came the loving,
With a longing for the rest

I was wondering, what would I want
When I am tired of giving
And my strength has all but gone
When my heart is weak and open to wounds
Will I get some place to rest and be renewed
Then I found
A trusted hug is all I just want
To reach out and feel warm

Summer wishes, monsoon dreams
Winter desires and springtime feelings
These all I have in me
So tell me! what you seek within me

1 comment:

  1. I see a person longing to be loved and in need of someone to share her love with. Beautiful poem, Pram! Reminds me of Wordsworth's explanation of poetry - "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity."

    Keep writing!